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2017-03-16 - 12:53 a.m.

On a day I spent rediscovering old friends I found out a good friend of mine is dying. I've never had anyone I personally care about die before and the reality of the situation hit me hard. It's not often I cry but I have several times tonight. I feel some shame because I didn't make the effort to see my friend one last time before she moved up north and now I may never see her again. I've always been who enjoys meeting people and developing a real relationship with them. The truth is, I don't often find people that I invest that much energy in. This friend was one who I felt a real connection with, while our lives diverged with time we had a special relationship when we were together. I'll forever remember the first night we spent together, we stayed up talking and cuddling in bed until the sun started to come up. The conversation we had that night was startling, exciting, and comfortable. Eventually we slept for a few hours before waking and continued talking the morning away. I even got a street sweeping ticket because I couldn't bring myself to leave the bed. My friend is a good person with human foibles, she loves being outside in the rain, her funky dogs, games of all sorts, and always takes care of the people in her life. I've been lucky to know her.

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